Aqua impregnate to stone 1L

Waterproofing product that gives the effect of „wet stone”. Used to deppen the colour on polished, sanded, radiated, ground, grained surfaces. Protects against absorption of oil and liquids.  

  • Hardy

  • Protects against liquid and fat actions

  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use

  • Gives the effect of „wet stone”

  • Intensifies the colour of natural stone and stone conglomerates

Instuctions for use:

Before application check if the surface is dry, clear and not oily. Then apply thin layer of product by cloth, roller, brush or sprayed. Applied product should completely absorbs into stone. Remove the excess of product.

In case of non-absorbent materials, impregnate can collect in a drops, which you have to remove immediately unless drops create sticky layer.

In case of very absorbent materials, applu the impregnate twice at intervals of 30 minutes.

Shake before use.

Effeciency: 100g/m2 less absorbent materials, 2x 100g/m2 – very absorbent materials

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