STEIN KRISTALIZER POLITUR impregnate to stone 1L

Kristalizer to natural and artificial stones on Teflon. Hardens and seals stone structure, deepens the colour, UV-resistant. Provides permanent polish.


Impregnation of stone surface (elevetions, walls, floors). For immunisation of stone structures on the water and fat.

  • Deepens the colour

  • UV-resistant

  • Naturally penetrates the materials and chemically cures

  • Teflon increases the effect of the preparation

  • Gives permanent coating

  • Strengthens stone structure againsr water and fat

  • Closes stone's pores

Instructions for use:

Apply twice on dry and clear surface, in the way „wet on wet”. To achieve greater depth of polishing after crystallization, use a mechanical polishing method or manueally wipe the felt . Drying time of preparation : around 20 minutes in temperature 10 degrees.  

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