Impregnate Grezzo 1L

It imbues and animates the color of the stone and increases its resistance of water and fats. Specialy recommended to natural stone, granite and marble. 

Instructions for use:

Apply evenly with a brush or cloth on the dry and clean surfaces of the stone. After 30 minutes, polish with a dry cloth. If too mych preaparation is used, the excess can be removed by vigorously brushing the surface. If the material is is very porous or you want to more saturate the color of the stone, you can re-apply the preparation after 2 hours from the first application. After applying once, GREZZO achieves full properties after 24h drying.


Shake before use. Keep in the orginal container. Use only in intensively ventilated areas.

Efficiency: to 10 m2/l

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