HYDREX impregnate to granite and marble

Anti-stains agent. For impregnation of natural stone, does not change colour of stone. Suitable for outdoor and indoor use. After using, the material does not absorb water and oil substnaces. Does not create layer on the surface.

Instructions for use:

The product must be evenly apllied on dry and clear materials. The presence of water, dust or dirt may influence the result regarding the uniformity of the surface. When surface is treated for the first time, we suggest to test Hydrex on a small hidden part. Apply evenly with a brush, sponge or sprayed. After some minutes from the first application, use with a clean cloth in order to eliminate the excess, if necessary repeat the treatment. In case of application on floors wait for 24 hours before walking on the surface.

Effeciency: 10-15m2/litr

Stone is feedstock, which unlike other materials (for example wood), does not require profound impregnation. In case of stone, special security is given for elements, which have previously been processed, finished or given desirable forms and textures. Security is given as well for natural structures, to gain specific properties (for example waterproof). Impregnation is usually carried out to close the tiny pores in the smooth polished stone structure and to protect from the impact and penetration of various substances (for example water, oil, dirt). These tiny holes are not able to close mechanically, even by diamond dust. Impregnation of stone can be also to saturate and deepen natural colour, seal up surface, achieve mirror or others decorative effects. In that way, the stone of different purposes can be protected (countertops, stairs, window sills, terrace tiles, fountains, pedestals, floors – in bathrooms, pools, saunas).

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