Idea Black deepening of colour 1L

Product for dimming and enhancement colour of dark stones, like granite, marble. Protects against absorption of water, oil. Perfectly removes minor cracks, discoloration and defects in black stones of all kinds.  

  • Suitable for dark/ black stones

  • Prevents absorption of water and oily substances

  • Dimming and unificates colour

  • Helps to mask scratches and imperfections

Instructions for use :

Apply evenly on clean surfaces by brush, free of dust and wax recommended earlier use Decer – Dos. Wait 24 hours and remove the excess of product by means of mechanical action of an automatic waxing machine equipped with three nylon brushes or by buffing with a clean cloth. When surface is treated for the first time, we suggest to test Idea Black on a small hidden part.


Polishing materials: around 30 to 40 m2/l

Rough surface: around 10-15m2/l

Durability: around 4 years

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