Polishing paste to stone Bellinzoni1L

High quality polishing paste diluted in non-flammable solvent. By penetrating into materials (marble, granite, conglomerate), after polishing by pad with steel tips, felt, dry wool (cotton), gives diamond, mirror shine. Thanks to the contained fillers, the product fills pores and micro cracks in the treated stone.

Intructions for use:

Apply evenly thin layer on a dry surface. After drying, polish by hand or mechanically by felt (pad with steel tips). Keep container tightly close in a cold place.

Warnings: Contains trichloroethylene (TRI). Irritant. During application protect eyes and skin against contact with product, by using protection gloves and glasses. The product should be used in airy or areas intesively ventilated. Children must be protected against access to the product.

Efficiency: 15-30m2/kg

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